Norco Traffic Enforcement Implementation

As part of an ongoing commitment to public safety, the Norco Sheriff's Office has implemented a city-wide traffic enforcement program. The objective of the enforcement program will be to reduce the number of traffic collisions occurring within the City of Norco. The program will enforce vehicle code violations at specific locations in Norco where vehicle collisions have occurred. In addition to the enforcement measures, deputies will be educating drivers about the dangers of speeding, and other vehicle code violations associated with traffic collisions, such as texting while driving. Anyone wishing to report traffic safety concerns and/or potential traffic safety hazards is encouraged to call Sergeant Dekker of the Norco Sheriff's Office at (951) 270-5673, or contact us via email at

Friendly Reminder...No Parking on Trails

The Norco Sheriff's Office, Norco Code Enforcement, and Norco Animal Control will be working together to enforce the Horse Trail Parking Ordinance. Points to remember: There is no parking on any of the City's established horse trails. Violators may be reported by calling Code Enforcement at (951) 270-5688 or after-hours Sheriff's Dispatch at (951) 776-1099.

California Drought: Mandatory water-use restrictions are in effect!

The City of Norco requests all residents to continue to save water . . . The City of Norco has been authorized by the State of California to issue notices of violation that may include monetary penalties.